Commercial Pest Control West Wales

Keep your premises and food stock safe with our commercial pest control service in West Wales. Pests are not only a concern when it comes to health or property. They can also single-handedly destroy the reputation of a business in Wales. It’s why it’s so important to deal with them as soon as you know they’re present. And with West Wales Pest Services Pest Control in West Wales, you’ve got a prompt pest control service ready and waiting, wherever you are.

Why is commercial pest control necessary?

The neglect of pest control can prove an expensive option in any business.Pests can and will cause:

  • Diseases that can affect your customers and staff.
  • Damage to food and contamination due to droppings, hairs and urine.
  • Damage to the fabric and structure of the building.
  • Public fear, offences and loss of reputation.
  • Loss of trade.

Here to keep your business premises pest-free

As commercial pest control specialists, we work with a lot of shops and other commercial enterprises, especially food service providers who have a legal obligation to engage the services of a pest controller on a regular basis. Our on-going commercial contract service means regular checks to not only deal with pests upon detection but also to actively prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. We can carry out spray treatments when needed and also offer contractual services that focus on rodent control. We offer monthly/bi monthly treatment plans to our commercial clients, treating both the interior and exterior of property. Our pest control products are extremely effective, our service very price competitive killing pests within minutes. For more information, contact us directly for a FREE initial consultation.