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We’ve been having mole problems on our lawns so we called Gary who came and surveyed the situation. He then set up various traps on the lawn. It’s probably the most quick and humane way to get rid of moles or rather 1 mole in our case that was doing so much damage. We have no hesitation in recommending West Wales Pest Services and Gary is the best guy for the job. He was very discreet in removing the offending mole too!
Marion Lee

We recently moved to West Wales and the previous owners left us with a rat problem and didn't tell us!! Gary came very quickly and was very knowledgeable and professional. The same evening I called Gary quite late out of hours as I thought I saw a dead rat on a windowsill in one of the bedrooms! Gary came to help and arrived within 20 mins to find a decomposed banana skin 😂 Despite being called out late in the evening, Gary saw the funny side and was very understanding. We have since had a problem with moles and yet again Gary dealt with it quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend WWPS without hesitation for any pest problems. Thank you Gary
Debbie Owen

Turned up so quickly to deal with our wasp problem…same day, evening visit. Lovely bloke, efficient, no fuss. Advised me carefully on staying safe to avoid aggravated wasps after treatment. Previously very active ground nest completely quiet the next morning (photo…) Big thumbs up!
Matthew Jarvis

Fantastic service, was there within an hour and a half, dealt with our wasp issue and a lovely chap too. Highly recommend.
Adele Marsh

Gary Evans from West Wales Pest Services is brilliant… not only did he answer my telephone call at about 6.15am this Saturday morning, but he stayed courteous, arrived early and did an effective job really quickly. You can’t get better than prompt, effective and friendly can you?
Francesca Cassini 

Prompt action for wasp eradication, polite, professional and experienced. called on Saturday, attended Sunday morning. very helpful and friendly service. if you have a pest problem, I recommend you give west wales pest services a call. They certainly know what they are doing. thank you.
Karen Hardy

Great quick service, last used WWPS for a wasps nest near a window which was quickly dealt with (and GE spotted another nest the other side of the cottage I hadn't even seen!). Would definitely use again. Called on West Wales Pest Services many times and we always receive a prompt efficient service. Highly recommended. Thanks so much.
Amanda S Edwards