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If moles are causing problems in your garden, get in touch with Garyl to arrange for a site survey or consultation.


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Mole Control West Wales

mole removal services west walesGaryl is well respected as a Mole Clearance expert in West Wales, capable of dealing with whatever scale of problem the Mole infestation may be. From Garden to Farm, from Small Paddocks to Country Estate, your Mole problems will be dealt with. Moles are everywhere. In gardens, on parks and sportsgrounds, golf courses, farmland and country estates. In fact with the exception of town or city centres its difficult to find somewhere that will not have Mole infestation close to hand. They can ruin your grass, crops and plants by burrowing under the ground. We provide prompt and effective mole removal and infestation control.

We can help protect the following types of ground types from moles:

  • Turfs
  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Fairways
  • Agricultural land

mole removal services west wales carmarthenThere are currently two recognized suitable methods of dealing with Mole infestation problems:

  1. By way of Gassing with Aluminium Phosphate Gas Pellets.
  2. By way of Trapping with the use of under ground Mole Traps. The Gassing of Moles can be both expensive and somewhat hit or miss as far as effective results are concerned as the Gas Pellets are susceptible to not work well in dry conditions. The Trapping of Moles is deemed more reliable as this method is reliant only upon the expertise of the trapper.

West Wales Pest Services provides mole removal services in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion  Pembrokeshire. For details, call us on 07527 186338