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Wasp Control West Wales

wasp removal westwalesAre you looking for wasp nest treatment/removal services? Contact West Wales Pest Services. We can fulfil all your requirements. Fast, friendly and fully functional, our Wasp Control Service is well renowned throughout the West Wales area. we are up for every wasp job. We always stand behind our wasp control work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you! 07527 186338

Getting rid of a wasps nest

We have decades of experience in the industry of wasp nest removal and wasp nest extermination across West Wales. We dealt with a variety of clients from homeowners and rentals to business units, restaurants and pubs. We understand how invasive and destructive an active wasp nest is, which is why we deal with wasp nest removal as one of our pest removal treatments. You can be sure of a professional wasp nest removal service from us.

wasp removal carmarthenWhy is wasp nest removal important?

In the British Isles, the most common species of Wasps you’ll find is (Vespula vulgaris) and German Wasps (Vespula germanica). Both are yellow and black striped, and have painful stings that can cause allergic reactions which can be fatal.

it’s really important to know the species of wasps before carrying out a treatment to get rid of any nests. Especially in the early stages of the season people can easily mistake wasps for Bees. It’s important to know your species and identify them correctly so that any bees are not accidentally killed through treatment.

Giant Wasp Nest: What are my options for a wasp nest removal?

It’s always best to contact a professional who knows how to deal with a wasp nest safely, That is West Wales Pest Services by the way!

Wasps are very dangerous to the public health, especially when destroying their nests, it’s so important take as many safe precautions as best as possible.

Unlike Bees, wasps will sting multiple times which can be very painful or fatal, although Bees only sting once before they die cleverly they will leave a barb from their stinger which snaps off inside predators to warn them off from their hives.

Wasps are very territorial and will feel very threatened if you decide to approach or go anywhere near their nest, it’s always advised to wear full head and body beekeepers protection suit which help to protect you through the attack of any stings.

Even Bee suits will not fully protect you from aggressive angry wasps trying to sting you. It takes a true professional who’s qualified and experienced not to get stung by a well- established busy nest.

huge wasp removal westwalesExpert wasp nest removal and extermination service

Don’t compromise on cost by using DIY sprays, you wouldn’t compromise on any medicine if you were sick or ill. Wasps release a pheromone when the nest is under attack, and wasp swarms can cause serious injury or even death. Don’t mess with an active wasp nest unless you are a trained professional. Watch out for cheap spray bought online or a pest controller who only kills wasp nests in the summer season.

A professional pest control company in Wales like us who is well aware of the changing laws and label use can help you prevent getting prosecuted. Or fined for the misuse of insecticides.

If you disturb or go anywhere near the wasp nest they will feel threatened. And will release a chemical pheromone which sends out signals to the rest of the colony to signify for help. As a result, all their friends will start to attack you immediately.

How to prevent wasps from returning to rebuild their nests?

There are a few things you can do to prevent wasps before the problem gets out of hand.

Flyscreens can be attached to windows or doors to prevent wasps from entering your kitchens or living spaces. Clever magnetic strips can be fitted to the window and door frames. So you only need to use them during the summer season rather than all year round.

Keep all your bins shut with lids on them. Remove your bins frequently in the summer season and keep the bins far away from your home and people.

Search your property for Wasp nests in the spring season before the nests have had a chance to build their nests to a larger size, the queen wasp will start the construction of the nest which is usually the size of a walnut or a golf ball which is easily manageable before the worker wasps take over the construction of the nest after she has laid her first batch of eggs.


West Wales Pest Services provides wasp removal services in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion  Pembrokeshire. For details, call us on 07527 186338