The thought of sharing our home, garden, outbuilding, garage or shed with an unwanted and uninvited animal or insect is not a pleasant thought. Frequently, when the pest is in our home, gripped by embarrassment, we leave the problem for too long…

Distressing and worrying, sharing our home with a pest instantly throws us into self-doubt BUT, the majority of pests are attracted by the same things we are:

  • nice food and plenty of it, in constant supply
  • warmth – free from cold draughts and horrible, wet weather
  • clean – very few pests are attracted to unhygienic and dirty conditions
  • safe – our homes are relatively predator free, perfect for breeding and raising young

100% HOUSE PEST REMOVAL in West Wales

We provide a comprehensive domestic pest control service that can make short of work of any pest in your home, whether it’s anything from a rat to a wasp. We use a variety of methods, including poison bait, traps and professional-grade insecticides, to carry out the work and any necessary repeat treatments are FREE of charge. Initial consultations are also free and given that our service is affordable and available on a 24/7 basis, we’re always there to help when you need us the most.