Pest Removal Llanelli

You can be sure that pest removal/contol measures taken in your home or business in Llanelli by us are completed in a safe and certified manner by specialists you can trust.

Removing any kind of insect or pest from your property is vital for your health and safety. Killing them is not always necessary and advisable, but in some cases, they have to be safely handled and removed from your property. Using pest control chemicals carelessly can also result in catastrophic events, that is why hiring trained and experienced pest control technicians are always recommended.

Rodent Eradication

Most common rodents in the UK are mice, rats and squirrels. The first two are usually exterminated with traps or pesticides – humane methods are always preferred, where possible. If you suffer from squirrel infestation, the technicians will trap them and will safely remove them from your property. Read about our squirrel control methods here.

Flying and Crawling Pests

Bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, flies and moths are among the most stubborn pests to deal with. This is not a tedious task for any Fantastic pest technician as all of them are trained to locate and exterminate the pest. You can choose between heat treatment and steam treatment as well.

Bird Control

Pigeons and seagulls are swarming most cities in the UK. The solution to this problem is bird-proofing with netting and spikes. The pest experts know what to do if birds fly around your home or chill on the rooftop for hours.

Commercial Treatments

Households often suffer from small-scale infestations. With commercial buildings, it's the opposite. Not just the risk, but the number of pests that get into commercial properties is a lot higher. But you should not worry about this, because we are here to help you get you rid of the troublemakers with professional business pest control, fogging services and more.